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is left game there is a girl with us game how can I throw it? Girl?.she’s my daughter game fine. but how can I throw it? she’s also my responsibility game No you have to I won’t You will game otherwise I am not going Keep screaming. I won’t go Fine game ok—! Now sit inside game what.no you tell him to pick this up and throw. game throw it otherwise I am not going game I am not throwing it game What happened? Did the tyre get punctured? Why don’t you throw it? There’s nothing else here game relax game So you must be having another source of income as well game sorry game ? Another source of income game ? None. Are you sure? Dad. Since when are you running this taxi business? It was my father’s business actually game so I game h the greed to earn more money game I had a job earlier game Where? Saudi game civil construction. Is this what an Engineer does to earn a living? A taxi business? Sad. They’d promised a big position at the time of the interview game but once I got there game l realized I was duped game Why didn’t you come back? My passport was them with a contract of two years! God! but who gives the passport That’s the way it is game So then game ? I had a tiff with my supervisor, even though I was right game I lost my job game Hey Piku game your ‘Paanchu babu game !’ (cry baby) What’s that? Nothing game I mean if you know you were right then why that sullen face game ? All honest men in the world have faced similar consequences game it’s nothing new game well neither will you gain my sympathy nor try to gain Piku’s game so you came back game ? Ya game and handling this taxi business since then game yes Srivastav.she’s checking game / yes /. game yes I have Crateagus game fine then game hey Budhan get me Crateagus. Taansen sang ‘Raaga Deepak’ game all the lamps lit up game he sang ‘Raga Malhaar’. game well it rained game so why didn’t anyone sing ‘Raga Motion’ game you would’ve been relieved by now game Like Raga motion What do you say? Here’s what I have game lndian Basil and mint leaves. game boil