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I’m not waiting any longer. We’re going in. Gentlemen, be seated. We welcome the fifth of our brothers. Our circle is now complete. It remains only for each to prove his identity. I would remind you of the penalty for any stranger who dares to penetrate our brotherhood- death. I will begin. Number two? Number three? Number four? Number five? Stay where you are! All of you! Well, gentlemen, I’m afraid you’re all under arrest. I’ll see if I can make you comfortable for tonight, but in the morning, there’ll be a lot of questions that I want to ask you. Right. Take ’em away. You can take his mask off now. Peterson? Fantastic. Utterly fantastic. And to think you’ve still got your bait, too. Well, but for the Hong Kong police, there sit I. I’m most relieved, but- He came up to me in the hall and said, “Give me the key and give me the robe. There’s been a change of plan.” Oh, yeah, and he said that he didn’t trust Magda anymore, too. Who gave you the key to the pagoda, Mr. Mitchell? Well, speak of the she-devil, hmm? Peterson was right not to trust her, but he found out a little too late. He was a fool. He even thought I was in love with him. Well, I’ve been given some keys before, but never one like this. It was the wrong key, all right, Mr. Mitchell. It was intended that you should be killed. A ritual sacrifice was needed Radio to satisfy the other dragons. Right, Magda? Whew! Boy, when I think how close I came to- and Peterson, switching places with me just in the nick of time. How do you, um- how do you explain that, Commissioner? I can only suspect that Peterson had a different plan. He was gonna tell the dragons another story. He wanted to put the blame for everything on to me, say I was trying to get away with you, Bob. I found out what he was up to. And he swapped keys with me. Not a double-cross- a triple-cross. All right, take them away. Well, you certainly do have a charmed life, Mr. Mitchell. Commissioner, I’m full of admiration. I’ll certainly never question your plans again. Thank you. And what are your plans now?