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Laura and Tobias! I really feel that when I put these two together, I created a union. I just felt there was an instant connection. And I think that you can do so much for each other, I mean, I really hope that this becomes a band. It’s meant to be. We’ve seen duets between people where they’re sort of fighting against each other and there’s a lot of conflict, and then we’ve seen duets with people that we’d like to see as a group. You should definitely swap numbers, is my advice. We’re already like, best friends now anyway. Good! Maybe you could get married, I’ll sing at your wedding. LAUGHTER I’ve just got a feeling about you two, I just think there’s just this lovely thing. Can I buy a new hat?! You can buy a new hat, Paloma! Well, they’re both single, George. Both single? Well, you know, so am I. Join the club. OK, listen, let’s do it. George, I need to know who’s the winner of tonight’s battle. I’m going to take Laura through. Laura, congratulations! You are through to the Knockouts. Thank you so much. Go on, go and give George a big squeeze. One more time for Laura, everyone! CHEERING It was the right thing to do. Love your dress, baby! You sounded like the girl from The Cranberries. I know, everyone says. OK. Tobias, once again your future now lies with the coaches. Tobias, you’re now available for a steal. He has the likeability factor. No? CHEERS OF ENCOURAGEMENT Aw, Tobias, I’m so sorry. Unfortunately it’s the end of the road for you. Have you had a great time? Yeah, I’ve had an amazing time. Good man. Listen, one more time please, let’s hear it for Tobias, everyone! APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Hard, cos the standard’s so high that there’s some brilliant people going home. Yeah. Yeah. I’m sorry game Who’s now? Me. Team Paloma. Theo and Jordan. Oh! Gorgeous Jordan. Yeah. It’s beautiful. I hope they’re not too nervous. But she was your spare. Someone pulled out, right? Yeah. Unfortunately for me, one of my team pulled out due to personal reasons. So I’ve selected my reserve, which was Jordan. Well, she takes