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Do something! What is this place, huh? Just some old house. Had a suicide case awhile back. About the biggest thing to happened in Glenwood bay. Ain’t been no trouble in years. It was right here. She was right here. I saw it in the mirror. She was lying here on the ground and there was blood everywhere And Game And she Game she was just lying here And she couldn’t do anything. There’s nothing here. Can I talk to you? Are you sure you saw something? UhHuh, I’m sure. I’m sure. Rachel. I’m sure. I’m sure. I promise. I’ve wandered through the desert and found no rest. Swept and garnished, But still empty. Hello? Revertar in domum Meam unde exivi. What the hell are you doing, huh? Rachel! Rachel. Nothing! Nothing. Who is she? I don’t know. She seemed scared. Scared of you? Why would she be scared of me? Of what then? I don’t know. Do I look nuts to you? What is it you’re hiding, Mrs. Brodie? I can’t do this. I I I’m sorry. I tried. Look at you. Look at you. Look at you. All scrubbed and garnished, But you still ain’t clean. No no no, you can’t dig up the truth If you want to play the game. It’s all lies. Lies! There’s a resurrection of the mind. Susie Dudley’s still missing. I heard her boyfriend Nathan done it. I heard he went crazy. My daughter’s friend told her about it. Well, sheriff Hendricks ain’t saying a word, But I heard someone saw Susie Sneaking around the old Granville place. I’ll tell you what, Something ain’t right about that house. Devil’s playground. There’s something evil out there. It’s cursed and it always will be. Revertar in domum meam unde exivi. What does it mean? I will return to my house from which I came. He’s talking about unclean spirits. Unclean spirits? You really believe in this hocuspocus? The house he’s referring to is the body. The demon returning to the place where it once dwelled, But only if it’s an empty vessel. An empty vessel? Souls. Luke , verse , The demon goes and gets seven other spirits more evil than itself,