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Happy Farm 2 I had no idea. I didn’t know anything like an idiot. I was just a bigheaded idiot. I was so stupid. Good bye, Grumpa. Good bye Eungyo See if a girl doesn’t turn up in the morning. Particularly any girl whose name begins with “S.” Ratsy. David. Where’s Sapphire? Isn’t she in Birmingham with her brother? I don’t know. She was going, and then she changed her mind. I don’t know what she did. Well, if you’re worried, why don’t you phone him? No, I don’t want to speak to her brother. Oh, she caught the morning train, I expect. Don’t worry. Sapphire will be in Foscari’s for coffee. See you then. Hi, David. Hi. Congratulations on your scholarship. When are you off to Rome? Next month. Lucky devil. David! David. David. Mr. Harris. We won’t keep you very long. I I’m sorry, but we think you may be able to help us. Thank you, miss. Hey. What’s the matter with you? Come on. Patsy! What is it? That murdered girl on Hampstead Heath? It’s Sapphire. What? Hey, Anna, coffee. Quick. Sapphire. How ghastly. The police kept asking me questions about her who her friends were. I said us. Well, of course. We were all her friends. What else did they ask you? All about David the scholarship and everything. If she’d had any boyfriends before him. Oh, I couldn’t tell them. I’ve only known her since I took her to stay with me at my digs. Where was she living before that? A dump in Earls Court. The landlady turned her out. But why? Sapphire was such a sweetie. Who’d do such a thing to Sapphire? Who’d do it? You say her name was Sapphire Robbins? I’d like you to come down to my office, ask a few questions. Do you think you feel up to it? We’ll send you home in a police car afterwards. We were going to get married. I’m sorry. You say the last time you saw her was on Friday night? Yes. Do you know what she did on Saturday? Well, she came to my house, apparently, just after lunch. You weren’t in? No, I went to Cambridge to sketch. I I’m a student architect at the Polytechnic. What train did you catch? I hitchhiked both ways. What time did you get home? About :. Who gave you a lift from Cambridge? A chap in a black Consul dropped me at the post office. What time was that? About quarter to