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Oh! OK, Team Paloma. Rick and Bradley are my heart-throb pairing. They bring a bit of heat to Team Paloma. Because game . Rick Snowdon’s blind audition was phenomenal. Ahhhh game And I don’t think there’s anything in the market like him right now. You have this aged, amazing voice. I’m so happy they turned for you. I see you driving down town game When I turned around and saw Bradley, swoon, I realised that he is the whole package. There’s so much gravel and grittiness to his voice. Let’s have a hug. Are you all right? Welcome. I gave them a medley of Something’s Got Hold On Me by Etta James and I’m A Man by Bo Diddley. I picked the song because you don’t realise how attractive you both are. I felt like it would be very y to hear two men sort of defiantly saying, “Yeah, I’m a man.” I’m a man game We’ll just have to turn up the man switch and be more masculine. I think I’m going to go to the gym, not shave for a week or two and then perform that song. Gonna make love to you, baby game I think those two boys have got it going on and they’re like properly proper lookers, aren’t they? Man game It’s going to be so good. Turn up the heat, here comes our smouldering Stand-Off. Bradley Waterman game going against Rick Snowdon. Let the battle commence. Whoa Sometimes I get a good feeling I get a feeling That I never, never knew And I just wanna tell you right now That I Now, when I was a little boy At the age of five I had something in my pocket Kept a lot of folks alive I’m a man, yeah I spell M A, yeah, yeah, M Man I was going back down To Kansas to Bring back the second cousin Little John the conqueroo Ohh Yeah Yeah, yeah, oh The line that I shoot Will never miss The way I make love to ’em They never resist, yeah I’m a man I spell M A N Man. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Whoo! Bradley and Rick! Ohh! Let me tell you, the stage is a very nice place to be right now. Both of you look so at home up here, like you were having the best time. Paloma, it’s going to be a really tough choice between these two. Woo-hoo! Now, we know