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to the sea Games shore as you had told me to. Did you feel better? Felt better. Where the hell is your Aryan? Madam, Aryan had told me that how much is possible Games he will make the schedule of Bangkok tonight. Where did you meet this Aryan? In the coffee shop. Great this coffee shop culture is going to finish us all. Good afternoon everybody. Who the hell do you think you are? In two weeks there is going to be a big show do you realize that? God knows from where they all come. If you don’t want to work you should have told me? I was only that I was impressed by you. Aryan, Aryan how you can play at this hour? I need to relax. Doctors order. Schedule! Do you know the scheduled work? Little-little. When schedule was ready then why you didn’t give? Madam, schedule looks good on notice board Games only still lot of work is left. Aryan Oh, Hi! Just come to say I am sorry What for? For screaming at you. Oh, that is perfectly OK, I know you are not angry with me. That day I saw you on the beach. On the beach. From then I am seeing. When ever I see you, you are always angry. You know you are angry with yourself. I will not ask you why. Some day when we will be good friends Games or if you want to tell then you can tell. Sir, coffee. Coffee. You drink black coffee isn’t it? Before I came, you Games I knew that you are going to come. Cheers. Bipasha Sir, Asha. Let me finish with you, after that you will become Bipasha. I always think of ahead. let’s be clear. Excuse me. All the lines in this route are busy please dial after some time. My wife who doesn’t allow me to sleep at home and when man Games doesn’t sleep at home where he will sleep. A? You are right Games you are right he sleeps at work. My wife is a cheater. After marriage she did not leave me. No, no, no don’t feel bad Games don’t feel bad. Don’t cry. If you are feeling bad and you want to do something Games for me then what are you doing tonight? Actually tonight my brother is coming? Yes. From jail Games Usman. Usman brother? Sister, sister where is your hand?