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Once it’s been deployed and you’re clear, I’ll send word to Vestron. They’ll fire the HAARP transmitter. Got it? Got it. Good luck. All right. Hey, stay safe, Nate! You, too, man. Nathan, when you make contact with the sharks, turn on the first setting of the device. This should draw them in. I got a visual on the school. I’m going in a little closer. They’re heading southeast. You need to get them to head northwest. I’m going in. No. The device is still transmitting. We can be there in minutes. Yeah, well, what do we do? We could go get it, but if we deploy it at Dwilson Ridge, then the blast radius will be over three miles. Even if we get out of there in time, the resulting wave will overwhelm us. Well, this is great! This is fantastic! Sharks, volcano, wave! I got two sips left! There’s another way. Go ahead, Doc. You pilot the boat back. I’ll drop off the device. She tops out at knots, speed fast enough to get you away from the blast zone. I’ll go. No. It’s not open for discussion. No, it isn’t. This is your boat. You’re the best person to pilot it, not me. I appreciate the vote of confidence, but there’s a lot of people relying on you. You know how to fly this thing? I spent two months surveying the western hemisphere for atolls. Yes, I know how to fly this thing. Okay, Nichols is right. We need you here, Barrick. Last time I checked, I was still the captain of this boat. I’ll be fine. All right. Doc, I traded a lot of personal things for this board. I want it back. Or what? Or you owe me a new rig. Deal. Listen, we’ll meet you in the safe zone, but if something doesn’t feel right, just abort, okay? There is a transmitter on the device, but we will not have two-way communication, so I’ll leave it up to your discretion. She’s found the school, and she’s drawing them in. Copy. Here we go. This could work. Vestron Station, come in. This is Shaw. We read you. I need an update on the HAARP. What’s your status? We were over at the facility. Some of the controls seem to have been stripped to use on the rocket.