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Horse Big Farmer Get him oil now. to starboard. meters port. It rising slightly below. Tøm liters. liters. Come on. Come on. He has loss his mind. We need to go up. Think about Peters. It does not happen to anyone else. Reynolds? We are okay. When are we through? We will not make it. Not you. How far yet? to meters. Right up to starboard. Two degrees. . Fraser. Here. It starts to get up. Zaytsev. Zaytsev. What happened? We lose momentum. What was that? Zaytsev is dead. He hit his head in the engine. His head game . What have you done? what do you mean, we didnt do anaything. we didnt do anaything. It was an accident. You killed Zaytsev. You have killed him. what the is it matters? We must rise up. You killed him. You did. It makes you assholes always. You think you can take anything from us. robinson. You have been mad. you want that gold so bad. that he will kill us all. you going to kill me, go a head. if You kill me, kill you everyone on the boat. What the hell is going on? All back to your posts! I tell when it’s over. It’s true. Five. four. Get us up. Three. Mister we, we can not come up. Two. He’s right. We just want to survive now. Can we just live? Robinson, what happens? We are going down. I told you we did not make it. Come on boys. Where is the bottom? Where is the bottom? Where is the bottom? It is so deep we can. It hurts to listen. Robinson, help me. Put it behind that. Hold on tight. The water is shut off. We must rise up. Tobin! Stop it. Tobin! Fraser! Hold it! grab his legs. Come on. Good god, come on. , , . , , game . come on. lets go. We get to go. Daniels, dont close up ing door. , , , , , game . , , , , game . all right. I thought I lost you, boy. I thought I lost you No, no. shit. Morozov. Help me. Give me a knife. Morozov. I have to. The water came, and they had no chance. Help me! Morozov! still down here? I’m sorry. The submarine is gone. All men dead. Are we finished? right game . This three of these immersion suits. Take it here. Was that suits here, you dot say? No one had to give up. man dead. all dead.