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We’re almost there. Be patient. Patient? Why would I be patient? Somebody out there with a tattoo that’s in your family wants to kill me. So, no. No, thank you. I will absolutely not be patient. Tell me where we’re going. Here. Is this your grandfather? No, he’s over there. I don’t know who this is Radios or who that is Radios or that Radios or that Radios or that. Chief. I knew you guys would find me eventually. And why was that? ‘Cause you’re good cops. It’s just a matter of time before you put it all together and figured out my little problem. The cracks? Not been easy holding it all together. I’ve tried everything. I tried drinking. I tried smoking. Hell, I even tried going to church. But they just got worse. Did you kill Max? Yeah, I guess I did. It was accidental, not that that matters a whole lot now. I don’t want to say I regret it, ’cause I don’t. Hated that man. He was pure evil. But I figured it out now. There’s only one way that we’re gonna make this stop. Chief. I’m sorry about this, Nathan. There’s just no simple answers here. I mean, obviously you just can’t stick me in some lighthouse, ’cause before long, I’m just gonna destroy everything- this town, I’m gonna destroy you, and that’s everything I got and everything I ever had. What are you trying to hold together? Well, Haven, of course Radios this town. This town is standing on the edge. And I’m just not sure I can really stop it anymore. Agh. Whoa. Come on in, Chief. We’ll figure this out. Please, just put the gun down. It’s your town now. I’m sorry I’ve been so hard on you, Nathan. I had to make you strong. Well, you are stronger now, stronger than I am. I’m done. I can’t be fixed. Yes. Yes, you can. You’re still not seeing what’s right in front of you. Audrey sees what’s in front of her. She’s not telling me it’s all gonna be fine, are you? Tell him, Audrey. Go ahead, tell him. Tell him! I’ve just been holding it together for such a long, long time. I was waiting for you, Audrey. Be careful. Not everyone’s thrilled you’re back. Please let us help.