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The man who makes sure that you and the rest of this exquisite country are safe every second of every day. We’re somewhat embarrassed this individual slipped our grasp, but I assure you, he belongs to us. Your man heading up the investigation will report on the hour. And you will report to us. Is that clear? Just, throw us a bone here, will you? Suffice to say, that he works for a unit within the confines of our military infrastructure that may benefits us with his character profile. He’s SAS. It’s a problem you do not want on your streets. A problem that only we can deal with. I need him back where he belongs. What Game ! Open your mouth, open your in’ mouth now. Knock on the door, knock on the door, now. Who’s there? I don’t know what the your problem is. Or who’s payin’ ya. But I’ll triple it, brother. It’s in that safe over there. Paid a lot? What’s the code? No, no no Game Let me out first. Never. Wait! Wait Game Twentyone. Six. Fortyfour. Brotha? What the now? What the ! Brotha, what the you want? Brotha, talk to me! Talk to me!! What the you want from me? Talk to me Game bro! No Game no Game no Game no! Bro Game Sir, did you want to see me about something? Yeah, I do. Come in, have a seat. Nick, give us the room. Major coincidence is it, that the last officer to access to the files of these two gentlemen, was you. Prior to their deaths, I might add. James Vickers, soldier boy Game currently serving in a somewhat shady department of her majesty’s forces. MID isn’t exactly falling over itself to fill us in, but we understand interrogation is his specialty and would you believe it? They want to know the very moment we apprehend him. Is he done? Or are there more? I need to know who’s next. You don’t need to know anythin’. All you need to do is stay out of his way. Well, I’m not staying out of anyone’s way, mate. I’m gonna find him and I’m gonna lock him up. And whoever he’s after, for whatever they’ve done. The last thing he’s gonna do is let you lock him up. He’s gonna wipe ’em out.