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Horse Cute Show 2 His Majesty was in coma for months after the accident. Her highness handled everything. Since then she changed drastically. Everyone was so happy. The King and Queen would play polo. Party every day. Everything is ruined, Mili. Good morning, Papa. Oh! Son, where did the sun rise from today? May I come in? Of course. How are you? Fine. Absolutely fine. Good, thank you. I see. Is your cigar stock okay? It’s okay. Good. Papa! Your doctor, Dr. Mili Chakravarty. She was saying that game game you aren’t focusing on your exercise. I see. So now she’s got to you. I think it’s time to drive her away. Yes. No! If you don’t want to exercise, then game game it’s quite alright, it’s your wish. There’s no point in trying, is it? Right. I’ll take your leave, I have a meeting. Of course. Go. Wish you all the best. Nice catching up with you. He is here. Dr. Chakravarty, I guess it’s time to drive you out of here. I was thinking the same thing. What? Together we should drive Dr. Chakravarty out of here. What? She’s completely useless. Now I am just Mili. And I was wondering, now that I am here game game I should enjoy the royal life for a few days. A common man doesn’t get such opportunities. Right, Ramu uncle? Teach me something about wine! You really won’t make me exercise? Not at all. What if Nirmala finds out? Other than you and me, only Ramu uncle knows about it. Yes, Ramu uncle is our old butler. Right, Ramu game uncle? Master. Cheers. Divya is so cute. What’s this! What are you doing to the Queen? There was a time game game when I was an expert in “sticking my leg”. The famous “tang adana” This is my favorite photo of you two. Taken by that American, right? He should be thankful game game that he wasn’t killed after taking this photo. I was so angry. And your father, he was laughing like crazy. Later he bought it. Framed it and presented it to me on our anniversary. Well, at least this way we could capture game game your famous “tang adana” moment. That time is gone, and so are my legs. That’s no problem. We’ll bring that time back.