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It’s as if the viewer were composing his own music. What you feel when you see the film Game Maurice has put into notes. I recorded the score for “La Tête contres les murs” Game and Georges Franju was happy with my work. So he asked me to compose for “Les Yeux sans visage”. “La Tête contre les murs” was all exteriors. Here, the viewer had to feel something. Game that really came from the inside. Georges Franju was open to Game Game all kinds of crazy games Game Game in musical terms Game Game and he was delighted when I came up with fairly weird sounds. I found a carillon in an old clock of my mother’s. Game that I dismantled, and I put the carillon. Game inside the piano and it created extraordinary sounds. These days, you can do almost anything with synthesizers. But in those days Game I had to get on all fours underneath the piano Game Game provoking roars of laughter from Franju, who said Game “Fantastic, fantastic! Carry on like that. ” When I got to America Game I met Martin Scorsese, who said to me Game “I remember the music you wrote for those wonderful films by Franju Game “Les Yeux sans visage” and “Judex”. And I was very surprised that this American film director. Game had seen Georges Franju’s films, as he was barely known in the States. I had my first Oscar nomination. Game for “Les Dimanches de Ville d’Avray”. I didn’t know this Games instrument score would obtain for me. Game the wonderful experience of the “Lawrence of Arabia” score. with a Games piece orchestra and hours of music. In London, Sam Spiegel. was looking for a composer. Game to write the score for “Lawrence of Arabia”. Spiegel met me in Paris and said to me Game “I’ve made the biggest film in the history of the world Game “called “Lawrence of Arabia” “and it will run for hours. “I’ve signed a contract with an American composer. “who’ll write % of the film score. “and you’ll write % of the original film score. ” Then Sam specified Game