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Horse Farmer 2 Is that all? Yes. Thank you very much. These landladies. They know it all, don’t they? Oh, I wouldn’t say that. After all, they’ve got a living to earn, I suppose. Chelsea Women’s Hospital, isn’t it? Yeah. Miss Mary Dawson. Miss Dawson? Yes. Well, my name is Hazard. This is Inspector Learoyd. You want to talk to me about Sapphire? Yes. I saw it in the paper. It upset me very much. Did you like Sapphire? Yes, I did. Tell me, was she fond of dancing? Mad about it. And who were her dancing partners? Ray Landa, Paul Slade. Uhhuh. How can we get in touch with these people? Ray Landa went home to Nigeria six months ago game but I can give you Paul Slade’s telephone number. What is that? Chancery . Thank you. Paul Slade was a law student then. Now he’s a barrister. Well, thank you, Miss Dawson. You’ve been most helpful. Oh, tell me Why did you stop seeing Sapphire? She stopped seeing me. I’m rather distinctive, you know. Hello, Ted. He’s down there. He’s been back and forth along that footpath all afternoon. What’s he looking for? Search me. But whatever it is, he hasn’t found it. See you. None of the neighbors saw Sapphire leave Harris’s house on Saturday, sir. Yes? Mr. Paul Slade, sir. Oh, bring him in. The dancing lawyer. I beg your pardon, sir? What? Oh, it doesn’t matter. This way, sir. Oh, it’s very good of you to come all this way, Mr. Slade. Not at all. Thank you, Sergeant. I’d rather call on you than have you call on me. My father’s in London for a conference at Lambeth Palace. I don’t think there’s a bishop living who’d appreciate his son game being mixed up in a murder inquiry game however indirectly. Here, won’t you sit down? Here, let me take that. I understand you knew Sapphire Robbins. Very well. May I? Please do. Oh, thank you. Where did you first meet her? At the International Club one of those gettogether, let’sbebrothers places. How long since you last saw her? Seven, eight months. Has she any other friends besides yourself? Chap called Ray Landa. He’s gone home, I believe. Anyone else? Not that I know of.