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Beverlys disappeared.. you rushed right back. I’m sorry. I’m sorry Game You know where I think he is? I think he.. I think he got some whiskey, a carton of cigarettes, and a couple of good spy novels Game and.. I think he got out on the boat. and steered it to a nice spot, close to shore like he likes em. and he’s fishing, and reading and drinking, maybe even writing a little. And, I think.. he’s gonna walk through that door.. Game any time. Mom? Mom, the sheriff’s here. What? Wha Game Hey, sweetheart. Go back to bed. What about Aunt Ivy? I guess we’ll stop on the way. Christ, I have to call Karen too. Why the Game am I brushing my hair? Izza story. Barely’s back. Gizza cig Game cigezze? Cigzezz, cigzizz Game Ma’am? Gizza cig Game Cigzezz, cigzizz Game some cigezze? Cigz, cigaa.. archatex? I’m Inna bottom of them. It’s good beat, right? Barb..! From the day I.. ..the day.. Beverly.. and then.. and then you’re here.. And Barbara, you’re here, and Beverly, and then you’re here, and then..’re here.. I used to go out with that boy. That man. What man? The Sheriff? In high school. He was my prom date. You’re kidding. Day of the prom, his father got drunk and stole his car, stole his own son’s car, went somewhere, Mexico. Deon showed up at the house. He’d been crying. Confessed he didn’t have a way to take me to the prom. So, we got a sixpack.. ..and broke into the chapel, stayed up all night talking and kissing. And, now here he is, ..showing me. It’s so surreal. Thank God we can’t tell the future. We’d never get out of bed. Listen to me. Die after me, all right? I don’t care what else you do, where you go, how you screw up your life, just Game Survive. please. Holy shit, that’s Karen. Do you remember your Aunt Karen? Kind of Game That must be this year’s man. I spent so much time in our bedroom, pretending my pillow was my husband.. ..and did he like the dinner I just made and where were we going that winter on vacation.. ..and then,