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trade and culture that connects the West to the great kingdoms of the East When the sun sets the entire Silk Road even the city walls become very, very warm. I want to touch the city wall I can see it I can see them all I can see our own city gate And the place you taught me how to use a sword I can hear mother play her harp when we’re practising Do you miss her? Let’s go. Training. What happening? Watching the Protection Squad training. You never watch my training Let’s go over there Position I bet on the Roman to win Bet on the Protection Squad If you win, take all my liquor Bet on the Protection Squad Come on Be careful, don’t get anyone injured. I know. Well done Let’s get our liquor Are you blind This Roman soldier is not bad Thank you for the match That was a great fight Right, check again. Hey someone has collapsed Come over and help. Help. Are you alright? No problem. Let’s keep going. I’m fine. I General Huo swear to God I will see the flags all of thirty-six nations flying high together at the Wild Geese Gate My brothers on the Silk Road Let’s draw our own flag What are you drawing? Excelent, young master. How do you write “School”? We need to prepare the flag ceremony quickly Come on Give all my liquor to our brothers Drink You like the music? ♫ Look at the battlefield in the snow ♫ ♫ Who’s willing to hold his places alone in the center♫ ♫ The stallions and the golden arrows catch the sun’s glory ♫ ♫ But who can tell me where I am going ♫ ♫ Another glass of whine for a courage ♫ ♫ In a world of chaos and conflict ♫ ♫ No matter how tough the obstacles ♫ ♫ I swear to turn turnmoil into peace ♫ ♫ To turn foes into friends ♫ ♫ There’s no need for weapons ♫ ♫ We’ll move forward hand in hand ♫ ♫ May wars end forever ♫ ♫ May wars end forever ♫ I want to sing Firmly I pledge My loyalty to thee Land of my Forefathers Forever brimming with glory A land of beauty Home of the courageous Our Eternal Rome The might of enemy ships Threatens us in vain It is hopeless quest Turn away from deceit And sweet delusions For the trumpets