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the two commanders who brought us big victory. As you command, your majesty. First call is silver coins, coins anyone? Twenty! We have ! anyone? ! Good, from the gentleman. Anyone calling ? silver conins! Look who is here! lsn’t this Commander Kim who won the deadly battle in the north? ROYAL PRINCE JUNG-AN, LEE BANG-WON lsn’t this Commander Kim who won the deadly battle in the north? How have you been, your highness? Can’t be better all thanks to you! The youngest born of my stepmother became the crown prince. Yes, l know. Are you here because of that? l don’t understand Games l am asking you’re here since you’re worried if l, Lee Bang-won is sad not becoming a crown prince. And l heard your father-in-law did a great part in proclaiming him. How could it be? lt’s it his majesty’s decision to crown a prince. l sincerely envy your father-in-law. He shouldn’t have any worry as he has a strong man like you right next to him. Anyway, let’s talk more at the feast later. l get going. Thief! Catch him! Ouch! Please don’t! Are you trying to cripple a child for stealing an ornament? He’s just a starving child. For you, this is only the means to feed yourself for a few days. But this is the only gift from my mother who l cannot meet anymore. So please take this and buy the food with it. And do not try to do the things like this again. Do you understand? Everyone has a precious thing that cannot be taken away. l made a gaffe, lord. Please forgive my disrespect. Let’s go. You met Prince Jung-an. Yes. He pretends to be a toothless tiger but he cannot cheat me. He’s just hiding his claws, l can see that. You also know his character. lt’d be a huge mistake if you only see him as a friend like before. You understand? Yes, sir. You will be assigned to be the commander of the great army so you’d better get prepared. But sir Games haven’t l made myself clear that l want to retire after this battle? But the state of affairs doesn’t allow you that luxury. The youngest son of second queen became the crown prince. The reform