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On Tuesday Games I’m not bothering you, sir Ducobu? It is a little disturbing Games Really? Don’t be cheeky! No. I was thinking about the multiplication table. You probably will call on me Games Well. I see you are capable of logical thinking. I shall indeed call you to the board. Let’s see how you answer verbally. I will not disappoint you. In previous school I was called Calculator. We shall see, Monsieur Calculator Games Go to the blackboard Games What is x ? . . Good. x . . . Finally, x . . . You really are a monster. You get again. Hold on, Ducobu. I have a call. Mom, I’m in class Games Take your seat. Ducobu, wait! What’s that blinking light behind your ear? My Hearing Aid. After the accident I’m % deaf in my right ear. Now I have to wear the device. I did not know. I’m sorry. I forgive me Wow this is not a shelter, it’s a whole castle! Yes, I tripled all sizes. Oh, I got again. Again? For the fifth time? No, it’s the th. Study proves to be very easy. Don’t get too cocky it’s only first term. the year has just begun. Ooh very scary! Dear Diary, a new neighbor has become my rival. Do I have the right to fall in love with he, who envies my first place? Do not laugh! Let him finish! Shush. Quiet! Do not make a noise! You are disturbing him. Now, on my signal silence. Well, that didn’t work. Let us try once again. Now I’m getting angry. I’m warning you Games I mean it Games That’s enough. Shut up! This year’s mark on music counts towards the GPA! By the way, Mademoiselle Rato, a change made for you at my request. You can continue your lesson in peace and tranquility. Thank you, Monsieur Latouche. Now I call Games Ducobu. Go ahead, Ducobu. I’ll give you . He deserved it. Yes. Bravo Ducobu. I only got . Ducobu beat me again. What a shame! Exactly. So, your boy did you follow my advice? It wasn’t necessary. I threatened boarding school, he came to his senses. Thanks, Perno. Merry Christmas! I hope That you enter the new year with new resolutions. True Molas? Behave yourselves. Do not forget about homework. I congratulate all of you on the occasion.