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Horse Grooming Time 2 And he doesn’t want to get better himself, you know. And everyone here is busy with either business game game or rules and regulations. ‘Please hurry up I’ve to go. ‘ You can’t just wash your hands off game game from your responsibility by calling a doctor from Delhi. You have to be slightly involved, partner. Doctor game ‘I don’t know why I keep calling that. ‘ game you won’t understand our lifestyle. And anyway, why would he listen to me? You are the doctor. But you’re his son. When Manju drifts a little off track game game only I can bring her back. Take advantage of being his only son. Use your power. Look, if you are incapable of handling this game game then you may please leave. I’ll arrange for someone else. I wonder what the problem with everyone here is? Whenever I try to talk to someone game game they all wriggle their way out of it. That’s why doctors have left before. And as for me, I’ve treated Sehwag and Kapoor. When I feel that I can’t handle it, then I’ll leave. Sorry! I don’t think I can have any influence on him game game but, I will still try game Alright? Really? Thanks, Viku. Doctor! Ramsevak, what’s going on? It’s a small little party. Prem Singh’s son got admitted to an MBA program. Party! Take a seat. Move aside. This is my glass, okay! What’s his son’s name? Krishna. To Krishna! Krishna! One more. This is how you party! Ramu uncle, I am going back to Delhi. So soon? My father was right. Never spend more than minutes with your patient. They don’t respect you. Come, tell me your problem. Take your prescription, pay your fee and go. They’re treating me like a livein soninlaw here. Shekhar uncle is a good man, you know. Had he come to my home game game I would’ve cured him in days. Have you seen the ambience here? Forget him game no one can get better here. His Majesty is filled with regret. What? He lost his elder son in that accident. Ambar. He was just years old. His Majesty had gifted him a sports car. Both father and son went out for a drive. Ambar was driving too fast. He didn’t survive the accident.