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Games Why are you laughing? Games Well, it’s kind of funny. Come on, you’d have more money, you wouldn’t be as stressed and you could buy yourself a dress from time to time. Or a water bottle. It’s up to you. You OK? You OK? Yeah, I Game I’m fine. I’ll have Game a poutine, extra sausage. I’ll have the same thing, but nothing extra. You’re allowed to eat that? I thought you lived on a diet of Game celery, carrots and flaxseed smoothies. Well, it was either this or a pita gyro. I’ll go grocery shopping once we have a fridge. I’ll take care of that tomorrow. You want to come with me? I already like this. What? You and me in Montreal. I don’t know, it just Game It feels different. The poutine sure tastes the same! We’ll try something else tomorrow. Games The arrangement you mentioned Game Games Marriage? Arrangement, marriage Game You know what I mean. I thought about it and Game I’m in. Cool! I wanna do it too. I may have found a way to make my money situation less stressful. If you want to sell drugs, you have to know what they look like. Very funny. I haven’t resorted to selling drugs yet. Don’t worry. Your mother will send you some money, you know. It’s all right. I can get by on my own. I don’t want her to worry about it. When I was at university, my friends and I did a car wash fundraiser. You didn’t go to university. Well, it was for the baseball team. Same thing. Anyway, good things are going to happen. You’ve got so much talent and you’re ambitious. it’s perfect. Games It’s work out. Games That’s nice of you. If I wanted to auction off your moustache to pay the rent, would you shave it off for me? No, that’s asking a little too much. Here’s the list of clothes you need. You can get them at the sporting goods co Games op. All the girls must have the same shoes. Don’t show up here with blue runners. Everyone wears the same thing. Here’s a form for your locker and your shower stuff. We provide towels, but you have to leave a deposit of $.