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Horse sing song See the light of day. My message is one of peace. Freedom shall be born from love, not from violence. Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Hop, little dove, hop Play, guitar, play Clap your hands, stamp your feet Tease the sky back down to earth Five million people are dying of hunger in Asia. I have come to Asia to feed the hungry. I multiplied the fish. I multiplied the loaves. I quenched the thirst of those who were thirsty. You are the richest man in the world Game but you must work for a living. As for me, I make magic with a simple gesture. I can make five million loaves of bread from one loaf. From one fish I can make five million fish. Whosoever follows me shall gain the Kingdom of Heaven. And the tree that bears no fruit must be uprooted Game burned and cast into the depths of Hell. It is written in this sacred book Game that the true Messiah Game is being born right now, at this very moment Game for the salvation and remission of all God’s children Game of all the sinners in a universe that has strayed from truth. The true Messiah shall be born. The son of Buddha came from the House of the Rising Sun Game from the far corners of the deepest East to inhabit this Earth Game and save the lost souls of the Universe. Down with Colonialism! No, Carter! No, no. Go home, go home. Social democracy Game Unionizing Game Nationalization, freedom of thought Game The parties Game New parties Game Total freedom. Man will be happy only when tyranny is overthrown. What tyranny? The black man’s? The white man’s? The worker’s or the human being’s? Of people just like yourself. Not of people like me People who are blind like yourself. It is love, it is peace, it is the freedom of my body. I desire you, ness! Come to me. I would not have the dance of death. I desire the dance of beauty, the dance of beauty. I want love, afflicted love. The love of peace. I do not want the love of war. I want love. I want freedom. I want to cry out. I want to sing. Come, come to me. Take off your clothes! I want you . I want you , beauty.