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Games You know, we have no contact with each other. This is totally insignificant, the details. I could tell you about my whole week. You have the story in broad strokes, my logic and my defence for my actions- and the fact that society has made me who I am. That’s where we stand. And you want to hear the details,what happened on May first, , at eight in the evening? Could you tell me more about being hit? In more detail. I was orphaned, for example. I’ve been in jail Games Anormal, working class human being is placed in an industry environment- where he is supposed to produce for the upper class and the share holders. He’s meant to end his days there. One that has a little spunk inside,will go out and steel the president’s car instead. One that has a fire inside, won’t stand for it- or accept it. He won’t submit himself to that environment. I’d rather go out and steel the son of a ‘s car and drive it the hell away. You’re the psychopaths. Only a psychopath can support a system that even a five year old can see is unfair. “The patient has lately been showing increasing difficulties to adapt. ” “Earlier, he has been working as a longshoreman from time to time- but during this year probably mostly been unemployed. ” “The rootlessness, lack of of social adaptation and lack of lasting human relations- which always seem to have been there, have obviously grown more intense during his stay in Stockholm. ” “With this, his tendency to project has increasingly taken on the form of a political activity, driven to the extreme left. ” “His personal difficulties he has increasingly Games ” “His personal difficulties, he manages to transform- into notions of the injustice of the “class society”. “His general and uncontrollable aggressiveness, he explains to be a resistance- against what he calls the’crime of the god damn president’.” “His statement on the righteousness of the assault- and the statements on the upper class’theft’ from the ‘proletariat’ illustrates this. ” “Mental state:The patient appears motoricly uneasy, undisciplined