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so let me hand you over to Anders. Camaraderie. That’s what I feel was the linchpin of our class. I mean, we’re sitting here together after all these years. Some things bonded us as a group more than others. I’m thinking of that hiking trip we did, with tents and whatnot. We had four or five new couples after that trip! Holding hands Game Mind you, we were in th grade, so everyone had broken up a week later! And that night, we sat around a campfire by the lake. Robban Game You wanted to show everyone how to carve wood with the knife towards you! It’s possible! It’s possible! A few times! But it hurts like hell! It hurt like hell. You cut your thumb so bad that it bled and bled Game and you just laughed! And, shit, that’s what I like about you Robban. No matter what happens you just laugh it off. No matter how hard you fall, you just get right back up with a smile on your face. That’s what I like about you. A toast to the toastmaster! Rikard. He was already trying to break gender barriers in th grade by insisting on putting his name forward to be the school’s prom queen! Pure feminism on my part! Absolutely. You claimed to meet all the criteria. You wrote on the blackboard: “Long Hair. Game y. Rikard = prom queen”. That’s true. I thank you all for your support! I have so many memories from those days and I’ll close by saying Game Game that it was a simple and innocent time. And Game when caught up with family life and carrier Game Game it’s these times that I often look back on. And if there’s one thing I wish for my own kids it’s that they experience the same sense of camaraderie that we had. Cheers and thank you! Straight to the heart, Anders! Straight to the heart! Let’s keep on partying! Anders! Anders! I think we have different memories of our wonderful camaraderie. I think we have different memories of our wonderful camaraderie. I can’t recall you ever once, during this time in any way acknowledging my existence. Despite being the host for this party you’ve neither greeted nor even looked at me.