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Out games I said come out! For the last time, come out! It’s Ghobad, what were you doing there? You weren’t around for some time. They said you slept at the mill. Come closer. Don’t be scared, he’s nutty. He used to be a woodcutter. Dance! Look, now he’s going to dance. Dance! Why dont you dance? Go on. Move, go on! How did you dare to go there. There was no wedding dress. I don’t get it. I would have never gone there for anything on earth. Stupid Shirin left for nothing. Who was Robabe? Why did she go missing? What was her tiara doing there? Did you see that mad guy was staring at it? Stop it games Stop it. Go to sleep. Go to bed. Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! help! Help me, there’s someone in my room! What’s wrong? Someone call Sakine! Sakine games Sakine games Sakine! He’s gone now. So he has come to your room as well. How do you dare sleep here at night? This place has no security. No guards, no fences, no barriers, nothing. We will leave this place soon. I’ve been saying for years that this lunatic is behind everything. No-one believes me. So? he came through the door, opened it with his foot. I was here, He threw me down when i was going out. Then, I hit his head with a brick. Well done, very well done. This is the way to treat murderers. Roya games I was scared to death. To hell with the university. You look pale. Roya, didn’t I tell you not to stay here? What’s happened Miss Roya? What’s going on in this country? Who are you? What’s your relation to the lady? Me? I’m her fiancé. I mean we will be if her father let us. It’s obvious it’s that lunatic fault, he put cats on fire when he was a kid. Don’t you remember other murderess? They were people just like us. This is what happen when people don’t go to school and wander around. The cassette had fallen here but it wasn’t here. Those doors were also closed, then we went. If you let me games Be quiet. This way. You evil murderer, why did you do this? Kill him. Take our revenge from him. He loved Robabe from childhood, they didn’t let him marry her and he became a murderer.