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This is why I didn’t want us to drive down. unnecessarily you force your decisions. Naa game l never forced. I said. You agreed. And you also. When the driver didn’t turn up game l almost decided we’ll go by flight game who told you to come last minute game and at least you should’ve called up before coming game ? What?! Why are you dragging me into this game I didn’t load your luggage forcibly game I would’ve dropped you at the airport had you asked me to game we can go back even now game if you want to that is game Go back? Who said about going back? What.tell me. He said game Look mister game don’t you interfere in our family matter. game In my house I decide everything game got it? But this is a car.that too his. I know it. donkey! game here game press this game and said you wanted an ‘adventure trip’ so this is it. game adventurous trip you wanted to go out of Delhi game here it is game so enjoy.sing song. what was that song game ‘what if this road never ends. ‘How will it be game tell me my dear’ ‘what if this road never ends’ ‘How will it be game tell me my dear’ Tell me You tell me No no you tell me you. You tell game so Mr. non Bengali you know the meaning of this song? This path game this road that we are on. game If it never ends, how will that be game ? Well then sing another song, that has a better meaning. game to appreciate good music is also an art game Whoever wants to do whatever game can do it here game we won’t stop here for long Where are you game ? You’re asking as if you really are worried for me. Why aren’t you telling. Kolkata. What happened? Bathroom’s very’s morning hours game people must’ve used it. game God knows when will Grand Pa use it. Keep down the phone game All the driver are sitting on my head. I’ll handle them and don’t take any bookings Haven’t you informed at home? No. game so what is your father’s real problem? Nothing. game a weak stomach game that’s it game Then tell him to do it fast.we need to leave game in any case we have that ‘throne’