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Horseback Long Ride Tonight. But I can’t go unless I leave some dough behind. Enough to take care of someone. A couple of people.. and yeah, for a long time. I got to have plenty of dough, see. I ain’t got a dime, Bill. Not a dime. No, but you know where to get it. Oh.. Come on, come on. Get out of it! What did I tell you? I can open it with a nail file. Look at this gadget. I’ll wind him up and see what he does. What are we here for? To kick in this door, or play with toys? Come on. Here, give me that. What you want to do? Wake up the old geezer? If this wakes him up, what do you think’s going to happen when you blow that safe? He’s locked in his office, ain’t he. By the time he gets here, we’ll be gone. Now put that thing back and give me a hand. If he wakes up, we’ll be in a tough spot without a gun or anything. I still think you ought to go and tap him on the head like I told you to. I’d feel a lot better if he was gagged and tied up. Nah, Ira wouldn’t hurt a fly. Just the same, I think you’d better go over and open up that window there. What? We’re three stories up, ain’t we? There’s a fireescape. Boy, it sure is a swell night out. You can see the whole river from here. The moon sure looks slick in that water. Maybe when I blow out of here, I’ll hit the waves instead of the rails. Maybe on a freighter. You ever get the smell of those ships that come in from China and them places? I wonder what little old Trina is doing? I think I’ll take this thing home to her. She can give it to the kid. She ought to get by okay now with the dough I’m going to give her. Hey, how are you coming there Goofus? Give me sixty seconds. Look out! Yeah, it’s me. Me! For a guy that reads bibles and raises posies you shoot pretty straight don’t you? You old sonofabitch! You might have killed me! Serve you right if I did! Somebody ought to teach you a lesson! Young squirt going around robbing places. Yeah, it is kind of a lowdown business at that, ain’t it. Maybe if you needed the dough as bad as I did, you wouldn’t be so particular. Who was that fellow with you?