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Horseback Ride 2 Anna Sui? What’s that? I’ll buy you a new one just like it Mom gave it to me on my birthday. I’ll buy you one. I’ll buy you the same one. It’s not the same! What the It may look the same to you But to me, It’s as different as heaven and hell. It was her first birthday present to me! The same one isn’t the same! What are you talking about? Why shouldn’t it be same? Sir? Sir! Sir, be careful! Watch your feet! Under your foot! Right there! Do something! Slowly slowly! Right there! Under your foot! Be careful! That’s it, sir! Sir, put the mirror in your pocket. In your pocket! Your pocket, sir! sir! Slowly, slowly Take my hand, sir. Here you go. Your mother gave it to you It must be precious. Why did you do that? You could have been hurt! Grumpa. Grumpa Remember what you’ve asked me before? What? About the henna on my chest. Uh, yes. I knew then that you want to try it. No, no. You don’t mean what you say! You are curious about teenagers’ activities, As I am about grownups’. I really don’t want to. Come on. Lie down. Rest your head on my leg. Your leg? How else would I draw? Unbutton your shirt. One Two, three. Grumpa. Your chest is really smooth. LS it? Stop moving. I can’t draw properly. Close your eyes. All right. I guess grownups are ticklish as well. I have ticklish ankles. Just below the ankle. You know the shallow part. Don’t Don’t I could easily wrap my fingers around Eungyo’s ankle Her heel slipped between my fingers And she giggled. Her fragrant head rested below my chin And my lips were already buried in her hair. She sighed like a pair of bellows. Grumpa, you can open your eyes now. Look. It’s the same one as mine. So it is. I held you close in my arms I caressed your hair, your shoulders, your waist And I put my ear to your chest listening to your heart beating. You were so heartbreakingly beautiful. Can you do me a favor, Eungyo? No, I think I have the flu. Can you bring me some medicine? Just some aspirin. Hello? Anybody here? How is your flu? You! What are you doing to him? What? He isn’t who you think he is, okay?