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Captain, we found this weapon inside a cupboard. The proof! You’re a magician! This rifle has killed at least two men. More than that. It’s years old! But the last were Colasberna and Nicolosi. I bought it from a ‘picciotto’ (lowest level of mafia hierarchy) From who? From Zecchinetta? Yes, I think so. That was his name. But you bought it the morning of the crime, while it was still hot, and you didn’t pay for it. Because Zecchinetta, who also talks a lot never said a word about receiving money for the weapon. So can you explain to me why, if I’m so sly and powerful as you say I would keep the murder weapon in my house? Because you’re so sure of yourself that you never thought that someone would come and search your home. Mariano Arena, in the name of the law, I declare you under arrest. You’re accused of being behind the murders of Salvatore Colasberna and Gaetano Nicolosi. Look, Don Mariano! Don Mariano! Don Mariano, I swear to you, neither I nor Zecchinetta mentioned your name. We were fighting between ourselves like two cocks. Have you signed anything? Yes. Idiots! You deserve to end up here. Bang your head against here and dont stop until I say Game I said bang it. Bang it! Again! What did you do to your forehead? I fell. Don’t you think about saying that it was us who beat you! No, I fell! Long live Monsignor! Long live Monsignor! Take the cuffs off. Salutai i parenti e gli amici Game Game e pure una vecchiarella Game Un pezzo da novanta portarono! Un pezzo da novanta! Rosa! This way! This way! Sit here and eat this roll. Sit down Rosa. Sit, don’t be scared. Have you received news of your husband? Sometimes husbands can go crazy. They run off and leave their wife and kids. To Tunisia, to America Game To Milan To France To Switzerland Or to Germany Game Do you need help Rosa? Don’t worry we’ll take care of you and your child until your husband returns. And if he doesn’t come back, you won’t be left abandoned and no one will treat you with disrespect