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Austin as soon as possible.” So, that’s what I did and I got to Austin in minutes from downtown San Antonio. That’s insane. It is, it is, and I thought it was the best idea ever, just hauling miles an hour down . It got to the point where I was just passing cops on the freeway and I would see in the rearview mirror they’d turn on their lights and, you know, maybe start to pursue and then after, I don’t know, , seconds they would just turn their lights off. It was like, well, there’s a black bike just shooting down in the middle of the night. I mean, by the time they knew what the , you know, I was in the next county. I like that actually, when you’re going that fast, as far in front of you as you can see, that’s immediately what’s in front of you. Mmhmm. You know and so, there’s no processing anything, there’s no looking from side to side. It’s just you on this, like, really fast horse. I don’t know, I mean it’s just kinda more of the same, but I haven’t written words to it yet, so. It was very pretty. Oh, thanks. It was kinda sad. I don’t know, what kind of lines do you like? Long skinny ones, short fat ones, big ones, small ones game Um game Medium. Medium skinny, please. Medium skinny, alright. Okay, Rodrigo, enough with all of the philosophy. Listen, I’m not judging you, I like you, that’s why you’re here. Why are you here? Are we gonna or not? Are we gonna ? No. Whoa, what are you doing here? Calm down, I just need to pee. How’s it going? Good. How was your night last night? Uh, it was alright,. That’s crazy. I got with Rodrigo. After the barbecue we just went back and had a nice time. What’d you do? Oh, I just hung out with Inez a little bit. Yeah, she your girlfriend now? Uh, yeah, you can say that. That’s cool. I’m gonna go to the studio later. Will you walk with me? Uh, sure, I told Inez that I would go over today, her dad’s mad at her, she didn’t get home until three in the morning game Oh. Last night, even though my mom told her mom it’d be okay. Her dad doesn’t like it. He’s always bitching about it.