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In fact, this people who were expelled, We have not heard anything. I’m sure they were all killed. This was my last trip, this sad adventure in Rwanda. I went there. He does not believe in anything. He did not believe in the salvation of the human race. We could not survive that. We did not deserve to live anymore. No one deserved to live. How many times I threw the camera down to mourn for what he saw? Sebastião had peered into the heart of darkness and he questioned his work as a social photographer and witness to the human condition. What remained to be done after Rwanda? At that time, my grandfather’s health worsened. My parents had to return to Brazil to take over the farm. It was just barren land. They did not know what to do with that. Birds, alligators and forests had disappeared. There was no childhood memories of Sebastião. Then Lélia had a surprising idea. Why we not replant the forest that was here before? The forest that was here before and that covered these hills It was the Atlantic Forest. The Atlantic forest. No one had tried to replant. Let alone over hectares. The suggestion came from his desire Lélia to maintain the spirit of the family. Anyway, they started using them and for the next years what happened in that land was a miracle which it became, from that moment, the “Terra Institute”. I remember during the first planting, sometimes dreamed that night was dying all. Because the soil was horrible. He was in such bad shape I wondered. Are the plants take root? In the Atlantic Forest there were different species, we did not have , but just we planted species, game It is true that the first planting lost %. In the second, . There were no books to teach to replant an Atlantic forest. I love coming here to see all these trees together. When you see this forest mass, an idea of ​​the effort involved in planting all this is done. When I was little, there was a small waterfall. All year, here was a waterfall that fell. I came with my sisters and we made a picnic under the jump. There was still