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I would have completely flipped out, that the movie was that faithful to the book. I remember when we were in pre-production and they were like, “We’re working on clearing those songs.” And I was like, “What do you mean you’re working on it?” Like, “How are we going to make this movie “if we can’t have the Woody Guthrie poster?” And then I kind of figured when the book was optioned that it had already had been game It’s the first step. Right. Anyway, so thank you to the Woody Guthrie estate for allowing us to use it. Yeah, I just love that image so much. It’s so important to me, like, my whole childhood, I remember, looking at it, and it’s crazy that it’s in a movie now. So, yeah, thank you to Woody Guthrie’s estate. (CHUCKLING) I love Ben in that moment. He’s just so excited. He’s just excited to be alive. Oh, man. And then we’ve got Leaves of Grass in the film as well. I know there’s somewhat less Whitman analysis than there is in the novel. Just a little bit. But I don’t think fans are going to miss that that much. But we still have “I contain multitudes, one of my favorite lines in the poem. And of course game Well it’s also a pretty important idea to have in the movie, even if we don’t focus on it. Right. Yeah, the idea that we are all complicated people and when viewed two-dimensionally are always doing each other a disservice. And then there’s the clue. See, how do you say things like that? Like, theyjust come out of you and it’s all perfectly formed and I can’t talk game Well, I’ve been talking about this book for eight years, so that helps. The whole time? The whole eight years? Yeah. You did a few other things in that time. No, I’ve never stopped talking about Paper Towns. The entire time on the set of Fault in Our Stars, John was just talking about Whitman. I do love Whitman. God, I love that poem so much. I actually took that book, I have that book. That’s one of the props I stole from set. That and the “J” in Jefferson Park High School. You have the whole “J”? I took the whole “J”. It’s huge.