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Karazhan. We need a prisoner. Where’s your horse? They took my horse. Really? Just stay there. GARONA: No! SOLDIER SCREAMS SNARLING How much do you love your master? I’ll do it! Back off! Pity. He would have made a good coat. SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE CHAINS JANGLING SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH Over here! You took it alone? Yes. LOTHAR: Looks like the runt of the litter. You. What are you? And why do you attack our lands? He does not know what you speak. KHADGAR: You speak our language? SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH Games and I will wear your tongue! INDISTINCT TALKING I will not warn you again! Tell him to stop. You tell him. WHIMPERS You’re welcome. Have you a name? You understand our language. Again. Have you a name? Garona. She calls herself Garona. KING LLANE: What kind of being are you? She seems more like us than those beasts we fought. Orc. KING LLANE: Orc? That’s what you are, or the beast in the cage was? I know every race in the Seven Kingdoms. I’ve never heard of “orc”. Show me where you come from? GARONA: This is not orc world. Orc world is dead. Orcs take this world now. Not from this world? How did you get here? The Great Gate. Deep in ground Games Into magic brought us here. But how did you learn our language? Orc take prisoner for the gate. I learn from them. KING LLANE: Prisoners? Our people? Are they alive? Yes. Many. Why? GARONA: To feed the gate. To bring in the Horde. To take your world. You’ll take us to them. No. You’ll take us to them. Or you’ll end up like your friend in the cage. You think you’re fearsome? Orc children have pets more fearsome than you. We’re not trying to be fearsome, Garona. We’re trying to protect our people, our families. If you help us, I give you my oath, you will have your freedom. INDISTINCT CHATTER GUL’DAN: Fearsome Blackhand, Warchief of the Horde. You have allowed the small-teeth to kill your warriors. Worse, you’ve shamed your people by running from an enemy. Are you too weak to talk, Destroyer? The Horde has no use for weakness. Respect our tradition, Warchief.