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Evac in five. Got it! Everybody get to the roof now! Got it. Trench. Yang. Come on, clear the roof! Let’s go! Always this easy? Pretty much. How hard can it be to kill men? You think you could even just wound a couple? Watch closely. And again. Anybody else? Useless bunch of game If you want something done right game They got valet parking here? Yeah, there’s some right here. Go, go, go! Don’t stop! Come on, guys, move it! Drummer, we’re pinned down! Stop mumbling. Good morning! Let’s get to the chopper! Let’s go! Go, go, go, go, go! Come on, move, go, go! Gotta go, gotta go. Yang? You’re welcome. You’re working for Trench? Yeah. He pay me more money. Who the hell are you? I’m the guy that just saved your ass. Battery’s at %. Hey, Barney, leaving so soon? Come on, let’s finish this. How ya feelin’? Come on, stand up. You’ll feel better. Barney, where are you? Lose the armor. I want you to feel this. Barney, we gotta go! And don’t even think about going for that piece of garbage in the back. Come on. That’s it. That’s it. No, we don’t need these, do we? Come on. Barney, we’ve gotta go! Battery’s at %! Come on, Barney! Motherer. What about The Hague? I am The Hague. Battery’s gone! Gotta go! Gotta go! No! No, wait! Wait! Can’t wait! Go! Come on, Barney! Go! What the hell? You owe me, Barney. Barney! Barney! Holy game Pull me up! You gonna fire us again, Barney? Come on! Can’t hear you, pal. I’m gonna kill you. All right, I’m sorry! Pull me up, you idiots! Don’t pull him up. To Caesar! Caesar! Hey, yo, Barney. Yeah. I don’t think I’m gonna be needing this anymore. You want your luck back? I hope I didn’t stretch it. I think you did stretch it. Good to have you back, man. Good to be back. Don’t scare us like that anymore, okay? Hale Caesar. To me! You never got him to The Hague. You know, Drummer, working with you ain’t been so bad. I haven’t had so much fun in years. Fun’s important. These guys are nuts. Our powers combined game Is that a Captain Planet reference? I’m fire. Yeah, you are. Come on, if you had to be