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We had like four of these beautiful game The most important character in the film, so far. Yeah, we had like four of these beautiful golden Honda Odyssey minivans and game I think only two of them were still functional after our shoot I think. Yeah. I think Nat’s driving and some other people’s driving kind of game It didn’t leave them in the best of shape. Nat Wolff is a brilliant actor and a terrible driver. Considering that he got his license two weeks before we started shooting, he was, he might actually say he was like game No, he was terrible. He’s still terrible. So thankfully Cara Buono is driving the car in this scene. Yes. And here are Austin and Justice, our amazing Ben and Radar. Yeah. I remember this scene being really tough because this is actually our audition scene for these guys, which they were great at. This is like the scene that when everyone came in for the chemistry reads, and like we ran it until we found the perfect three together, and they were amazing at it. And then it was tough by the time we got to set, you know, to try to keep it fresh, ’cause we had run it so many times game Yeah. game as part of the audition. You know, and it’s also tougher because there’s a bunch of information we have to get out of the beginning of the movie here. You know, and like later in the movie we let them improv a lot more and kind ofjust make it real and their thing, but there’s stuff that we actually have to talk about ’cause it comes up later in these scenes. Yeah. Yeah, and I thought this young woman did a greatjob delivering the bloody Ben line, which is not an easy line to deliver. Nope. And then, oh, Austin, and he’s so great. Yeah, well this is Austin humoring me, ’cause I was like, “I want to do this cool shot where it curves around.” He’s like, “What would I do for that time?” I was like, “Just come up with something else, and then he did. Yeah. You know, he’s a good, he’s an amazing actor. We were so lucky. I mean the whole cast is just really, really astonishingly good. That is the last time