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And then we would go out into the little courtyard, if it wasn’t too hot, and sit, and I would turn on the fountain and we would sip the tisana. Hmm. Ambrose would sit there for hours. Hmm. Here. Oh, no, not that one. That’s Philip’s. Thank you. Here. No, thank you. Oh, but this is a special batch. I’ve made it double strength. Well, then, you drink it for me. What do you think? Hmm. Mmm! It’s, erm It’s very interesting. Ha! I think it might take me a while to fall in love with it. Who’ll come riding with me? Oh, we could take the carriage, if you prefer. You go. Louise and I have some business to discuss. You do? What a waste, on a day like this. Very well. I shall go on my own. I won’t be long. Finish your tea. Where are you off to? I don’t know. Up Barton Hill, perhaps, or into the woods. Do you think the bluebells are still there? The bluebells are long gone, I’m afraid. Ah. You might try the cliff path. Yes, that’s an idea. There are seal pups this time of year off Gorran Head. You’re looking better.