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Had a doctor’s appointment. DOC: Catch up with you boys later. Where’s he goin’? Happy New Year, motherers! Makin’ a housecall. MAN GRUNTS MEN GRUNTING Doc, go. MEN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY GROANING Oh, Sally, the man attacked me with a knife. GRUNTS Damn. He’s good. Maybe to you. INDISTINCT CHATTING You’re gonna wanna see this. See what? I’ll show you. CRANE MOVING Damn. He’s really good. Say it again, I’ll shoot you. Chill. Get in. INDISTINCT TALKING Where’s the bomb? It’ll be here. DOC: Barney, it looks like the target is right on time. There’s Minns. Let’s take him out fast. SPEAKING LOCAL DIALECT Barney, I gotta put you down. It can’t be. CHRISTMAS: What can’t be? We gonna shoot these guys or what? What’s the holdup? He’s dead. CHRISTMAS: Who’s dead? Stonebanks. Stonebanks! YELLING Come on, get in, get in, get in, get in, get in! Barney, move! Go, go, go! GUNS FIRING YELLING Ah! Come on! It’s time to mow the lawn! GRUNTING YELLING Huh? Told you. Ten seconds. DOC: Hang on! I found you a ride! GUNS FIRING Time to go! TIRES SCREECHING ALL GRUNT SHOUTING Come on! DOC: Go, go, go! MACHINE GUN FIRING How much we gettin’ paid for this? Not enough. TIRES SCREECHING GRUNTS Go right! You’re not gonna fit! Always negative. I’m getting carsick. DOC GRUNTS Hang on, Doc! CHRISTMAS: Right side! Got it! Get out! ALL SHOUTING Come on! Caesar, we’re coming your way! Where are you? HALE: In this filthy river. Behind you! Try to stay as close as you can! Make room for Caesar! Move your asses! ALL GRUNTING What was that? A huge black guy in a boat. SPEAKING IN LOCAL DIALECT ALL SCREAMING BARNEY GRUNTING Hold it, hold it! You got it goin’! ALL SHOUTING BARNEY: You all right? Yep. Pull over. TIRES SCREECHING TRUCK APPROACHING HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING HALE GRUNTS GROANS Ahhh! Incoming! Move! Move! SHOUTING ALL SHOUTING HALE GROANING INDISTINCT BREATHING DEEPLY JINGLING MACHINE BEEPING Maybe this will bring you luck. Is he gonna make it? I don’t know. Who did this? Stonebanks. I thought you killed him. So did I.