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Uh… You could be. But I did what you wanted. Could we meet up? What? Why? Well, you see, it’s my experience that a face immensely helps in the decision-making process. But you’ve seen me already. Yeah, but I kind of need a refresher. Okay, maybe we could party with some of my girlfriends. Oh! Is this working or what? She wants to party. Okay? What are you even asking me? Sure. Uh, maybe a hot tub party at my place. We’ll order, have it catered, and don’t forget your credit card, okay? Ten! Ten total selfies. That’s $! The mother lode! Selfies. Check ’em out. So nice! What? Wait. What is that. No, it can’t be. Another one. There’s two more! Yeah, I see ’em, too. How did these guys get on here? We didn’t say “female selfies,” just “selfies.” This guy’s kind of good-lookin’. I mean, he’s okay, uh, right? For a dude? Stop it. Just stop it. I mean, you would jump a bullfrog if it smiled at you. Wait. Oh, I’m gonna fix it. How? We’ll post “ladies only.” But we’re not really lookin’ for ladies, are we? Not really. Then “girls only.” Ehh, is that offensive? “Girls”? Could be, in some quarters. But let’s just call a horse a horse. Babes. We’re lookin’ for babes. So we’re posting “babes only.” Is that legal? -You mean, are we discriminating? Yeah, we could go to jail for that. For posting “babes only”? Probably. Let’s just delete the men like they never existed. And then if anybody asks us, we’ll just… we’ll swear we didn’t… We didn’t delete anyone. I don’t know. Yeah. Only you and me will know. Ha ha! Yeah! So this is what a rain check is all about! Boom… Ow! Sorry. I’m good, I’m good. What’s up? Hop in. All right. Yeah! -Oh, what a surprise! I know you. You’re the liquor store guy. You’re kind of cute. Do remember me? How could I forget you? Let’s get started. Did you bring your cell phone and your credit card? Uh, for what? The selfies? No! For the party. Oh. Liquor and stuff. I thought you didn’t drink. Ha! Silly guy. Here, I’ll call. Oh. Hi, we’d like to place an order. Two case of champagne, Tequila. Correct.