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Kitty Care 2 I don’t like you! I don’t like you. Leave me alone. You’re wrong, Jane. ne day you’ll regret. Hello Jane! Why did you place Frank in the wagon? Because I’m the better shot. I had to cover your escape. Your friend is arrogate. That’s it. Why arrogate? He won’t leave me alone. Well, he is a rather complicated man. The same goes for you, Ringo. If father wouldn’t have paid you gold, would you have come and saved me? I don’t think so. Get lost! You really want me to go? No! No! Back off! I don’t want to see you anymore! Remember, Ringo, you’re gonna pay for this! I’m not like the others! I may live in these circles but I’m still honest. And you are the only honest man I ever met. What is it? Having problems? Something wrong? I’ve had enough, Ringo! All you do is chasing that woman. So it bothers you? If you want something you can’t get game game nobody else may have it. Right, Frank? Enough. Enough, Ringo. It’s just a woman. Let’s go separate ways good luck. Agreed? Adios, Ringo. Agreed. And good luck to you too. Adios! We had it coming, Ringo. It’s better that way. Mama Carson is looking for you. You have to see her. That’s none of your business, Tom! When she ran me off the house, she said she’d get along fine. ‘Claimed to be a strong woman. Let her deal with it alone! A lot of time passed by since then. I think, she needs you. Listen to me: go and see her. No! She is your mother, Ringo. Come. Come here, Ringo. Sit down and listen to me! As your son? No. You’re still working as a gun man? Good, then you can work for me! I’ll pay you more than others will. Is that so? And how much, mother? Enough to save me from the Daniels Bank. I’m too expensive. You can never meet my price. They were right. There’s no conscience left in you. We’re losing the freedom your father gave this town while giving his own blood! You should have thought of that years ago, when you ran me off like a common thief! But it was your fault! Forget the past. I beg you, please come back as the boss of this house. Come back, Ringo. Do it in your fathers name.