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Kitty Championship 2 Too bad. Ringo is blind now. It’s the end of a lot of trouble. He won’t be sheriff any longer. I didn’t make much business with him being the sheriff. A sheriff like you on the other hand game I’m expensive, Walcom. You don’t pay enough, my friend. We could find an arrangement. Listen, Frank. We can discuss things, right Frank? It’s a business. This town is just right for this kind of business, believe me. h, Daniels! This is Frank, the Texan. You’re getting old, Walcom. I know him. You didn’t change much, Texan. I want to offer you some kind of deal. I’m not interested. I’m not a deal maker. You’re wrong, Texan. Listen to me. My bank was able to obtain all properties, the whole land around here. With the exception of three important pieces. What’s this got to do with me? There’s gold, Texan. Gold game A lot of gold. Beneath the land of Mama Carson, of Wise and sborne game game are the biggest gold deposits of this country. Go on. I’ll make you sheriff. And you just don’t care what will happen from now on. Now it becomes clear. Maybe we’ll find an arrangement. Jane? Doctor game He was hit hard on the head. He lost his eyesight completely. You mean he will be blind? There were similar cases before. In some cases another shock brought back the eyesight. But it’s a very delicate issue. But first give him some rest, he needs to sleep. Yes, thanks, Doctor. Mama. Yes, dear? In my condition game game I think I can’t protect you anymore. No, Ringo. We will always stick with you. And you’ll give us the strength to go on. Daddy, I’ll always be at your side and protect you. Bring it to the telegraph office. Now you’re the sheriff, Frank. You made a good deal. I don’t think I want any percentages from you. Just look the other way whenever we transfer a load of weapons. You still think of Jane? Did you see Ringo again? No, I don’t want to see him. I saved his life and that’s the end of it. l’m on your side now. Yes, I just can’t have any scruples. But Frank, I game You cry like an old crocodile, Walcom. nce everything is over, you won’t have any problems left.