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Lamb Farm So he is gonna have to have lunch. Yeah. And a little snack. A good thing for him to have is any of that. Okay. If he tries to get cookies, no, he can’t have cookies. Okay. But there’s something in the fridge. It’s wrapped in Saran Wrap and it’s obviously Game His lunch. This is the Game Yeah. A baby lunch. Okay. Okay. Easy. But I’ll show you. It’s this, there. Yeah. So just heat that up in the microwave for seconds. Do you want me to text you updates every, like Game Oh. If you Game I can send you pictures, “He’s still alive.” That’s, yeah, if you want to, yeah. Okay. That would be Game Yeah. Okay. Are you nervous? No, I’m excited. I’m excited. He’s Game I’m gonna make him love me. He loves you. Hi, I’m just calling to make an appointment for my son for a two-year checkup. His name is Jude Spelling. Jude is currently making me a sandwich. Yep, alive and well. Jude, what about this? Uh-oh! Can you do this, Jude? Can you dance, Jude? Can you do this? No. Do I put it in now? Is that what he wants? I know I want a baby, but I don’t actually know why. Oh! I mean, you are very cute, but if I spend another hour with you, I’m gonna pass out and maybe never wake up. Buddy? What do you want, Jude? Karate? No idea. No. If you were to have a Game Do you feel like you would wait a long time to have a baby? Can we have those? I don’t know. I don’t feel like I want a baby. Oh. Like, ever, maybe? But I’m not grossed out by Jude. Well, I have the reverse reaction, which is I am slightly grossed out and I definitely want a baby. Do you want this back? Yeah! I don’t know if he knows how to dip, but this was in there, so Game There you go, buddy. Lunchtime. Make a crude gesture. No! Just make a face that doesn’t seem like a face of a person who should be with a baby. That’s my face all the time. Do it. That’s Jude and Jenny. That’s just Jude. Just Jude. I can’t tell Game Can you tell that’s Jude? And that’s a picture of my butt. Hi. Sorry. Hi. Hello. Hi. I am Kelly. Hi! Sorry. This is Carson. Right. It’s so nice to meet you.