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Lara’s Farm Center 3 Not in band, it is in Lahari resorts How much salary? Yes, you didn’t tell me about the salary It is Rs , He’ll have to start with Rs , to , You know how much is needed to run a family in the city? If you had studied as I said your life and salary, would’ve been good, go What Chandu? You’ve completed studies What are you doing now? He is not in any job that is worth revealing Give me that file Will she come? You got insulted by your dad Like a buffalo Game Game you’re asking about her without any shame Will she come? It is th time Will she come? It is th time Tell me will she come? You chanted it for times Don’t worry, she’ll come Didn’t I tell you that she’ll come? Shut up and come Shall we go? What is next? What next? That you’ve got a job Game Yeah, I’ll do that job Not that, I am asking about your marriage Our marriage!? Aren’t you in love? Who told you that we are in love? Why should someone tell it? Since college days, wherever see you both were together In the classrooms, canteen and library You didn’t never allow anyone between you Entire campus, we thought that there is some affair between you There is nothing like that between us Siri already has a boyfriend They are going to get married soon What is that? I can’t choose anything myself Why? My dad Game I’ll tell Since her childhood, her dad selects whatever she wants But he suddenly died in an accident months ago Then she realized that how much she depended on her dad for everything That’s why this confusion When did you do this research? You followed only till the book shop but l followed till her house Oh I see! Chandu got a job Thanks for your coming Actually I’ve to say thanks to you Because l came here I get much relief What is this? I am asking the same to you Why did you do with her? She asked to be friends that’s why Is she your friend? Look! l am only your best friend It is just for both of us, I’ll kill you if you share it with anyone else I feel happy for touching her hand, why do you feel insecure? Don’t you treat Reethu as your friend?