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Games Look at yourself, for God’s sake! Right, and you are so wonderfully stable! You’re an emotional wreck. It’s your fault Anna has been unhappy for ten years. Then I think it’s best if I’m no longer part ofyou and your daughter’s lives and that you piss offnow. Games Dad, please. Anna, I didn’t recognize you. What are you doing here? I Game Games Anna and I were discussing her future. Really? That’s fant Games Games No! Don’t touch me. I want you to leave. Anything to do with Eva we’ll discuss by phone from now on. Are you serious? Games Yes. Things really do come to an end sometimes. Dad Game Please. Oh, Games ! Games ! That’s better! Now you’ve really captured the tragedy ofthe scene, the fatal flaw ofthe leading character who refuses to see howthings really are and continues to chase unrealistic delusions. Fantastic! Dad had made up his mind and left for New York for a year. Now I was left with no father and no Louis. But at least now I had time for Robert Pattinson. Mum was unable to say goodbye. She found it far too difficult. I’m so angry, it’s just ridiculous. I keep having really crazy thoughts. Games Such as? Driving a truck over Barbara and Jim and obliterating the pair ofthem. But it’s not an option because I don’t even have a driver’s license. No, Anna, don’t Game I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done for me lately. But I need to be alone now. It’s best ifyou leave. No, Anna, I don’t want you to leave. No, no. You made yourself clear. I’m pregnant. Games What? Pregnant? Three months. Games Three months? But three months ago Game three months ago we weren’t back together then. It’s Mathias’s. Games Mathias’s? Are you serious? Games Yes. Now what? I don’t know. Games I don’t know either, darling. It doesn’t seem like a good start to a relationship Game or is it? OK, end of discussion. Games No, no, no. No end of discussion. We’ll come up with a solution, or a temporary solution, darling. What do you mean?