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This really is inconvenient, Judith. Games But this is a night for romance. Theo, Theo, Theo, your wife isn’t on to us. She’s got her hands full downstairs. Here I am! Look, champagne. Want some too? Oh, OK, bye! I brought you some champagne. Nick, Nick, Nick, you were right. I’m such an idiot. Theo is a bastard, a real bastard. I’m sorry I left you there like that in Vlissingen. Nick, answer your phone, I know you’re there. Tuscany was a really good idea. Let’s do it. This isn’t going anywhere, eh? No, it’s not going anywhere. Everything seemed to be fine between Mathias and Barbara. They chose a date for their wedding. Come with me. Games What? No. What’s this? Games Open it. Well Game Bach. You listen to nothing else. What’s the matter? Nothing, I Game How sweet! Sorry, sorry. We just made it. Who was that? Games It was Judith. Beautiful. What’s up? Games I don’t feel too good. Let’s go. What’s the matter? Games Let’s just go. Barbara! Barbara! Who’s that? Oh, that’s someone from work. I’Iljust go and say hello. OK? I made myself clear. Games I miss you. I was quite clear. Games I miss you, I miss you. I made myself quite clear. Games I want to see you. I made myself clear. Games Please, please. Please. Mum was very depressed, and kept thinking about the same man allthe time. It’s me, Nick. Games Judith? This is not a good time. You were so right about Theo. I let myselffall for it all over again. I’m a stupid cow. My life is a disaster. What are you doing here, Judith? Who’s that? Games That’s none ofyour business. Why didn’t you tell me about her? Games As ifyou’d be interested. Hey, why are you so angry? Games Because I’ve had enough. Had enough ofwhat? Games Had enough ofyou! Of everything you do, ofyou expecting me to provide support and comfort. Of suddenly having to be your personal bank. Could you save your anger until tomorrow? Could you just show some concern and be nice to me now? Go ask Theo to showhis concern and be nice to you. I don’t understand.