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Little Pony 2 He’s a noble person! How do you know what he means to me? What are you saying? What did I do? How do you know what he means to me? Jerk off, you motherfucker. What did you say? Jerk off? Did you call me motherfucker? What did you call me? I could just You are putting him in danger. In danger?! If you hadn’t messed around with that mirror, Yes, the mirror! If you hadn’t cried over that mirror He wouldn’t have risked his life. You were the reason I dropped it! What’s so special about that mirror? It’s just one of thousands from a factory. You can buy the same one over and over. What’s all the fuss about? I told you it was a birthday present from Mom! So what?! You think it’s filled with her love or something? Here. I’d forgotten you were an engineering major. Engineering major? He told me about the first time you two met. What did he say? It took you years to realize that all stars aren’t the same. What do you think ‘that’ means here? Yes? A star. This is the best example which illustrates modernity and selfsufficiency of modern poetry. It’s meaningful that this poem emphasizes originality especially. Sir. Comparing something as beautiful as a star to a goose feed or prison wall is considered poetic sentiment? Do I know you? I don’t believe we’ve met. My name is Seo Jiwoo. Sophomore, department of inorganic engineering. I don’t know who told you that stars are beautiful. Stars aren’t beautiful or ugly. Stars are just stars. To lovers, stars may look beautiful But to a hungry person It may look like a tasty snack. If you are in inorganic industry, The star may seem full of pesticide. Sir Inorganic means materials like ceramics and minerals. Not inorganic food. What else he tell you? About the time he went to prison. How he learned to fix cars in there. He can take a car apart And put it together again. What did he tell you about me? I don’t know. Is there something I shouldn’t hear? Or something you want me to hear? So this is The Heart. I want to read it. Can I borrow it? Hey, did you read it? What? I mean The Heart.