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Can’t I even say my piece? I know what you mean, Anna. I feel terrible about this. I know what you mean, I understand you. More wine, please! Do you even remember how you told me that my presence polluted your study time, that I should go home? That I ruined it for everyone. Do you remember? Do you Game All I can do is apologise, Anna. What else do you want me to say’? I’ve also had to live with this. You’ve felt bad’? Yes, about what I did. Poor you. Can’t you just accept that’? I don’t know what to say, Anna. It’s party, party, party Game Erik, you’re needed inside. You’ll have to finish your chat later. We’re off outside for a smoke. Got the smokes, Rikard? Come on, Minna, let’s talk old times! I’ll be right back. Let’s go, come on! This is so Game ed up. The artist Game The makeup’s gone, at least! She was cute! She was a wreck. A little weird, but cute. Funny. Cute’? Don’t know about that Game She looks good. Minna, I’ve always loved you. If it wasn’t for that Game I’d almost have hoped you were divorced! But, Jesus, really, why do such a thing? Why deliberately spoil the mood after such a speech as Anders gave? I think it’s Game bloody stupid. I’ll never forget this party. Me neither. You remember that hiking trip that she talked about in there’? When we convinced her I was in love with her’? You did that’? And I can do it again. It’ll be fun. I’ll do it again. I’ll do it again. Go and do it, then! kronor. She’ll lap it up! We had a laugh together, but it was really hard going at times. You’d never say anything. It wasn’t that easy! But then again, it was brave of you to bring it up. It’ll calm everyone down again. You want me to bet kronor? I’ll cheer her up, I promise. She’ll be like Game a kitten in my hands! Like you. Like you were in school. Who, me’? Every time I touched you, you purred like a little cat! Just kidding! I’m cold. I’m freezing to death. Hey! Good luck. No sweat. She doesn’t stand a chance. Look at you, sitting here waiting for me! Rikard Game I’ve got to get warm.