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Susie Dudley Game Where is she? I wanna know where she is. Revertar in domum Meam unde exivi. All right, you listen to me, you little shit! Huh? Did you see something? You tell me what happened to her. You tell me. I need to know! Brodie! Ease off. You know, son, finding Susie Dudley’s not gonna bring your daughter back. What the hell’s that supposed to mean? It just means there’s some things in this damned life You’re not in control of. You want me to write that down? I think you’re forgetting whose operation this is. Your game’s a joke. What is it you’re after, son? I want the truth. You chase the truth Like a radical crusader. I know what I’m doing. Do you? Yeah. Why don’t you explain to me Why some punk kid’s speaking in a dead language. Sad mouse lives in this house. Sad mouse lives in this house sad mouse lives in this house Game sad mouse lives in this house sad mouse lives in this house Game sad mouse lives in Game Shhhhh. Hello? Revertar in domum meam unde exivi. Revertar in domum Meam unde exivi. Welcome back. Reporter Brennyn Danae Has been follow the case of a local missing student. She is live at the location where she was last seen. Brennyn. The small town of Glenwood bay Is still on the lookout for missing teenager Susie Dudley, years old, Who disappeared two days ago. Authorities have yet to issue a statement, But our sources tell us that no arrest has been made. Sheriff Hendricks is keeping all the details in house for now But a statement should be made later today. Michael. Rachel? What are you doing here? Hey. I saw Game Hey hey hey hey, what are you doing here? I met a little girl. I followed her out to the woods. A little girl? Why don’t I like where this is going? Listen to me! I watched her die. Wait a minute. You tell me, was it this little girl? No. Who was it, Mrs. Brodie? I don’t know. It was out in this house in the woods. Michael, did you see this girl? No. Rachel, Are you sure that you saw a little girl? Michael! Yes, I am sure!