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Magic Globe 2 You’re no good without that lady luck you brought the last time? I’ll be fine. Liebowitz I’m done. man I’m out. Roark laughs I need three. Sylvio Dealer takes two. Check. Check. I bet . Shit. Fold. Just not the same without your game hand, is it? I’m ambidextrous. Cut. Check. Check. . I’m in. I’ll raise you game game more. I fold. I’m done. I’ll raise you five more, pretty boy. Shit. Roark You favor your mother. She was a whore. Not a very good one. She was an angel. I’m all in. For the works. Call. That’s four aces. See, I told you I never lose. Ibeatyou. Twice. That means I’m better than you are, and everybody knows it, ’cause I beat you again every time somebody tells that story, and they’ll all say that they won’t tell it, but they will. That’s a story that’ll be told again and again until you’re dead, and long after you’re dead. I beat you forever. Now they’ll all know what happens when you do. Say hello to your mama. She always was a stupid bitch. Power is as power does. If I could give any young man advice, it’d be this: wear a rubber. Now take out that trash. Let’s get back to the game. Nancy I can’t lose you. Not again. You’ll never lose me, Nancy. camera whirs Liebowitz All this time, she was right there. Dancing in the club where you play poker. You’ve got to have been looking for a chance to put this one through the wringer, Senator. Nancy Callahan. My son Ethan was killed because of her. It’s been four years now, and still she’s planting flowers at Hartigan’s grave. She’s showing gratitude, from the looks of it, to the cop. Gratitude to the cop who ripped your son to pieces. Roark voice over Hartigan turned my son into a freak. Well game game completed him as a freak. But I can hardly blame the young lady for game Obsession? Just let the little fluff drown in her sorrow. It might not be that simple. Somehow she got her hands on Hartigan’s old pistol. She hits the range every night just before work. She’s become quite a good shot. And I can only imagine whose face she sees on that target. I’m listening.