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Magnificent Cow Girl 3 I am asking you Tell me You can’t understand even if l tell you Have you gone to meet Reethu again? I waited the whole day to see her again Don’t you have brains? Morning I told you clearly Again you blabber her name Have you gone mad? Why did you disconnect it when I was chatting with Udhay? If this small disturbance irritates while you chatting with your boyfriend Game how frustrated l would be because I didn’t see Reethu? I am in love Me too Are you comparing your love with mine? Yes Listen! When Udhay proposed to me after understanding each other in a year Game I discussed with everyone, I agreed especially after you said okay I didn’t love him blindly like you Will you please stop your preaching? Love is not a trade to deal like business You never listened to me then how will you do it now? Yes, l’ll do as I like You’ll do, but your responsibility is mine You don’t need to advice me I am not advising you I am telling the facts Are you telling the facts? Okay, I’ll forget Reethu Will you forget Udhay then? You know what rubbish are you talking? I’ll talk like that Go man First go from here I came here first This is my room Today you can go inside I won’t Why? Your teacher and I are not talking to each other I am also not talking to her Really! She is a devil You are right Are you chiding me? Oh God! lt is teacher I’ve been thinking whole night what you said is right I too have been thinking what you said is correct How should everything happen in a process like me? It is correct that everything, in life should happen in a process like you I hurt you unnecessarily yesterday No, I behaved foolishly No, I hurt you Okay, why did you come now? You told me to exchange this after I came from Bombay When will do the next exchange? After years After years!? I don’t know where we live after our marriage What? Won’t our friendship continue after the marriage? It depends on our spouses understand us My Udhay will understand me How will he understand? I talked to him on the phone but l didn’t meet him in person Udhay is not like