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Magnificent Pony I hope you have better luck with Lynn Game with Mr. Hollister than I did. Maybe. You just relax under your soft light and you sit back and watch a first Game generation Cameron go to work. Game Nice crowd tonight. Game What? Game I said nice crowd tonight. Game Yes loud tonight but good. When are they gonna shut the place down? I haven’t had any real excitement since I left home. Didn’t you hear a shot? Game No. But I know who you are. Game Yeah? Bugsy North from Chi. I seen your picture in Crime Report. I’m afraid you got your finger prints mixed up. I’m Lynn Hollister. I don’t care where you’re from but she’s going back to Kokomo. Here’s something I borrowed from your brother. He’s a nice neighborly sort of chap. Sabra, I was just on my way to your home. Am I too late for dinner? Well the soup’s a bit cold. And father’s very upset. Oops, got nothing on us. This is Pop. Pardon my not shaking hands but my hands a little bit raw. Looks like I just can’t meet a Cameron standing up. Anything I can do for you? Can I bring you something? Liniment for three. No cream or sugar. This way. Please. She told me to bring my asbestos hat. Certainly had a hard time getting together with you, Mr. Cameron. Of course, we did alright down there. I think I’ll leave you two on your own. I’ll try my luck in the other room. I’m afraid you’ll need more than luck. This ought to be quite a contest. The boss, maybe he ain’t mad no more. Yeah. Maybe he wants us back. Yeah. That young fellow. He likes us too. Yeah. T, something worrying you? Me worry? Me T Amato worry? Yeah. I wasn’t getting any place with the prosecutor. So when he said that she had taken a personal interest in the case, I figured you were the one to see. I did take a personal interest in Johnny. I felt even with the worries of the coming election, he was more important. That’s mighty fine of you, Mr. Cameron. Putting the humanity ahead of politics. Thank you, Lynn. I want you to know that I did everything I could. But every report proved suicide. That’s too bad. Well. Only thing left for me to do the way you put it is to forget it.