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I wasn’t, but I work here, for now. But, um Games Oh, my God, are you having a stroke? Seriously, this is the honeymoon. Like, we just met seconds ago. Honestly, like, if we’re not gonna make it through this, I don’t think we’re gonna make it at all. So, why don’t you just, like, let her rip? Okay. Like, let it all out. Yeah. (YAWNS) How awesome was that? That feels so good. Right? (CHUCKLES) Who are you, again? I’m, uh, Ken. And what’s going on here? Is this Games (CHUCKLES) I don’t Games Is this one of those fetish things? Where you’re, like, a foot fetish. Am I the foot? Do you want to be the foot? I’m not into feet, but I would like to go out with you. Oh. Yes. Why? Really? I Games Do you not want me to? I do! I Games That’s not what I was saying. No, I was just wondering why. Because I think you’re hot. (LAUGHS) And I think you’re funny. And I like the face you make when you’re trying not to yawn. And then you have an awesome yawn after that, so Games I mean, that’s always something I’ve looked for in a girl. (CHUCKLES) I don’t know. But, cheers. Holy , that’s a candle. (MEG CLEARS THROAT) So, do you wanna just go do this, then? (RETRO MUSIC PLAYING) I don’t want anything serious. Good, because I’m saving myself for marriage. I’m just kidding. My God, your body is awesome! Do I smell like hamburgers? You taste like hamburgers. (LAUGHING) That’s totally beautiful. You didn’t really have to come all the way here with me, you know? And miss a subway ride with you? That’s like extra minutes of Paul time. Aw. Thank you. Yeah. (BOTH CHUCKLING) Actually, I got you something. Oh, okay. I have a sandwich for the train ride. Oh, thank you. And there’s a bagel in there, too, in case you don’t want the sandwich. It’s a minute train ride, but thank you. And there’s this. What? Merry Christmas. You shouldn’t have. Really, it’s just a little thing that Games Oh. Open it now, yeah. Whoa! These are pictures of us. It’s memories of all our time together. Yeah, there’s three weeks of photos. That’s Games